Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Etymologies, new video on YouTube

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Video on Youtube

Updated release on digital artworks by Nicola Pezzetta

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nicola Pezzetta @ MOCA, NY

Still Life, a computer generated image by Nicola Pezzetta currently on line at MOCA, Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn, NY.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Computer Art: Nicola Pezzetta @ MOCA, NY

Et in Arcadia Ego. This computer generated image by Nicola Pezzetta was shown at the Donnie 2009 International Digital Art Exhibit at MOCA, Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn, NY.

Nicola Pezzetta. Digital Art

Vania Gransinigh, Nicola Pezzetta. Digital Art, Udine, Campanotto, 2008.

Vania Gransinigh is a scholar at the University of Udine; she recently wrote this essay on computer generated artworks by Nicola Pezzetta. The book contents are as follows:

  • A Story of Interrupted Relationships or Avatar and Ariadne's Thread
  • Pictures/Immagini
  • Storie di rapporti interrotti ovvero Avatar e il filo di Arianna

The book, was published in september 2008 by Campanotto Editore, a publisher specialized in visual poetry, art books and art catalogs.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


"Investigation on digital art can start from stimuli coming from the images conceived and created by Nicola Pezzetta. These works are the result of the interest shown in informatics tools, as a means of art communication, through which the author has started his recent exploration.
Virtual reality, although attainable, tends to slip beyond control and far from spectator’s awareness and dissociated perception. Yet, once we get through the dismay, we should dare a metaphysical jump and, escaping from the three -(or more)- dimensions tangible world seductions, we should swim across the uncharted see of virtual reality."

Multimedia Tools

"... the matter is not merely connected with the contents of the artistic message: it has to do also with the way we adopt in refashioning those messages to make them intelligible for ourselves as well as for other individuals.
In the end, we have to evaluate the level of entropy that multimedia tools can provide and make available for individual inventiveness, and for the willingness of unveiling the messages towards the outside spectators.
This means that it is necessary to try out a new way, through (digital) art, for filling the gap between humanistic and technological worlds, being this gap a deep-seated cultural habit."